Seat 23A

I just flew to Dallas from SLC to visit my family. My seat was 19B, as I chose an hour before the flight. I sat down and a man came up to me and asked to switch seats with him so he wouldn't be split up from his traveling partner. That led me to sit in 23A, next to a friendly older woman. We talk about our destinations and reasons for flying (the typical what do you do/where are you going chat) and she tells me she's flying home to New York from the Sundance Film Festival. After finding out she's a documentary filmmaker and works for a nonprofit for women in film and television, she coaches me on finding my path to get where I want to be as a media artist, and to never stop practicing, even if it means going against what you should be doing, or money you could be making. It's powerful female artists like her that make me never want to stop doing what I'm doing. Here's to life's random paths to seat 23A and amazing conversation.