Sam Greer is an American multidisciplinary artist currently residing in London. Her practice investigates interpersonal relationships and intimacy through the use of image and constructed environments. Sam is interested in the object makeup and arrangement of personal spaces and how they become environments of comfort, and how these might be communicated, constructed, and influenced by elements of the public realm. She often utilises multimedia techniques to reconstruct intimate environments in the public – a display of adaptation, expectations, and fulfilment of desire when entering a personal space, the public, or a showroom. 

The use of photography allows Sam to document spatial relationships as well as accessibility and physicality in embodied environments through the creation of sculptural objects. Through studying intimate moments in exchanges and details within personal space, she examines the public and private connotations relating to intimacy and environments. Sam places particular focus on the overlap of ‘public intimacy’ – intimacy displayed in public spaces, institutions, the gallery – and how intimate spaces might be constructed for public consumption. 

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Sam Greer received a BFA in Media Arts and a minor in Communications from the University of Oklahoma in 2014. She recently completed an MFA in Fine Art and is now pursuing an MA in Arts Administration & Cultural Policy at Goldsmiths, University of London.