Where am I again?

I've been living in southeast London for almost two months now. 

London has a unique atmosphere about it, an international utopia, which I don't think is visible to the casual tourist experience.  There is an overwhelming amount of art, incredibly talented and thought-provoking people, among those being a very niche group of contemporary artists. I'm trying to figure out where I belong in that community, while also enjoying my fair share of tea, almond croissants, and cider (don't worry). 

It feels daunting and overwhelming most days, but exhilarating. In the words of my former professor and dear friend Andy,  "if you don't know what to do, do whatever you want." 

I'll leave you with a snapshot of this (amazing) book on Sophie Calle I received from my flatmate for my birthday. These words are always a nice reminder. Take care of yourself.

  Sophie Calle: And So Forth

 Sophie Calle: And So Forth